ecaping your love

May 8, 2011
i see a cracked wall in front of me
hoping to cross to the other side
hoping to run...hoping to hide
but somehow you keep on finding me
nothing to do but kill me and set me free
but you somehow don't want me to die
so now I'm being faced with sinful lies

you said that you loved me. is that so?
as you drown in your bloody sorrow
you said we'll be together forever
but yet we are sliping away

i remembered the time we first met not a word we even said
but along the way we had a connection
soon going to turn into a warhead annihilation
but for now we'll have to wait
hoping to find our fate

i can hear you yelling my name
calling for me to come back
hiding your doubt and shame

now we're on the verge of hanging eachother
we have no hope for one another
leting out your rage and pain
through screaming and crying
seeing your rage like a scarlett liquid
them im not feeling

now i know what i did wrong
now i want to belong to you again

im desperately trying to find you
but your dissapearing
but now you are gone forever

goodbye... my love

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