Love Song

April 26, 2011
By Anonymous

I laugh as i walk down the side walk,
laugh at who walks by.
I laugh at everyone and everything,
you never could guess that i wanted to cry.
I get home and fall down in bed,
now i'm all alone.
i have a brain and i have lungs to breathe,
but a heart is something i don't own.
I try to cry so that i can sleep,
but my tears just won't come through.
You may know and so do others,
but i don't want to admit that i still love you.
I can't imagine how the world would turn,
how the air would come to Earth.
How i could live my lonely life,
for whatever it may be worth.
You brought me up and pushed me down,
i can't say what goes on.
I know the truth and so do you,
this is nothing but a love song.

The author's comments:
This is about a girl that knows that she still loves a guy... but she doesn't want to. She's used to holding all her feelings inside and now when she needs to cry... she can't...

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