April 10, 2011
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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MY voice is my sword, my heart is my shield, my sickness is my weakness my strength I will build.

I give my enemy a chance to think, as they get nervous in sand they sank.

I stretch my way through the worrisome woods and pray and kneel, as a samurai should. Last standing is sense and I my pride strong only but weak to see my enemy I won’t take a peak. My blade is my force through harm it will slice I give them a warning I will not speak twice.

The author's comments:
everyone is a samurai in their own way and go through struggles thro life everyday no matter how rich how poor we must be our own hero and we will perish the enemy with the sword of our hearts and minds my blade is my knowledge and protection we will all have wars to go through even if not sever hope it's not but no matter what it is we are all warriors .

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