Pond Scum

April 22, 2011
So Kelsey went swimming
at Manassas Park Pool
She gave me this topic
So i said, "cool!"

So she dove in the water
And swam all around
And stopped when she noticed
Some green on the ground

"That's strange," she thought
So her coach she then told
When he took a good look he said,
"Why, that's just mold!"

She said,
"Why I know all the molds that have come,
If I'm not mistaken,
this is slimy pond-scum"

"I wonder how it got here"
She said with some fear-ia
"I hope this is not
full of bacteria"

"Maybe it contains frog eggs!"
So she gave it a poke
And out came some frogs
Who swam some breaststroke

So she swam with the frogs
Monkey see, monkey do
And what did she do next?
I'll give you a clue

She went to the lifeguard
Who went down his latter
Got rid of the pond scum
What could be sadder?

She was sad to see it go
But she held back her tears
She had a feeling
There would be more in some years!

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