Valentine Card's

April 2, 2011
By UpTheFret BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
UpTheFret BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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Just another sad character
Crying till her plot twist
She's writing in the corner
Valentine cards on her wrist

Writing out her tears
A twisted valentine
Mocking valentines etched on her wrists
Crimson ink, "be mine?"

Twisted mocking valentines
Screaming in red ink
Eyes release the coldest tears
Every time she blinks

Eyes release the coldest tears
The tears come falling down
No, the tears aren't falling
They're crashing to the ground

Write another thought out
Another valentine
On her wrist in violent red
Crimson valentine design

It's not even Valentine's Day
Mid-May April Fools
Valentine's is for finding love
Love doesn't follow any rules

April fools
She won't love him back
Those lines on his wrists
Match the hearts little cracks

She doesn't know that,
Let's call "her" Anna,
He wishes she'd like him
But she never will

Here's that plot twist
Anna likes him a lot
She was gonna tell him yesterday
But I guess Anna forgot

Anna made up her mind
3 o'clock last night
She gonna tell him tomorrow
At morning's first light

Anna is at his house
Mom says he's in his room
Anna wonders if she should tell him
Or would that be too soon

Anna does it on an impulse
Creaks open that door
Valentine cards spilled across the room
Broken hearts can't bleed anymore.

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