March 1, 2011
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I like ice cream in the winter,
and snowballs in the spring.
I like soccer in the fall,
but summer's my favorite thing.
Reading on a beach chair,
and laying out in the sun.
Riding bikes everywhere,
and always having fun.
Rings on my fingers,
and diamonds around my neck.
Going out to dinner,
and forgetting to pay the check.
Swimming past the buoys,
and never looking back.
Drinking the salt water as I go,
and eating the sand as a little snack.
Staying up all night,
and sleeping til noon.
Dancing in the dark,
and howling at the moon.
Blasting the music out the window,
and going as fast as i can.
Being baked by the sun,
and thanking God for being tan.
Swaying like a palm tree,
and running til i drop.
Painting my toes every color,
I hope the summer will never stop.
Cus when the sun goes down,
and the birds go to sleep.
I look out past the waves,
as my heart skips a beat.

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