Dreams are in The Present Tense

February 26, 2011
She looks at me
She looked at me
We hold hands
We held hands
We talk
We talked
We kiss
We kissed

The present tense
Always sounds better than the past
To be stuck in a daze, a dream, a trance
Where there is no sense of slow or fast

And if the clock stopped
And time held its breath
And reality became chopped
Where and and and never left

This moment in my mind
A scene in my head
In reality it would find
In my soul it would embed

Am I stupid
Or simply a romantic
Maybe a genius?
Or am I just being overdramatic

Hearts illuminate and break everyday
Smiles, hopes
but a single tear
Shrouded by the fray

We all want to live our perfect moment in our head
The one that dances in our heart deep inside
Or the soul, wherever they say that feeling may reside
To live in the present
But no matter how many times that small hands go clicking by
We can never live that perfect lie

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Shadowfoxz said...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 8:30 am
I agree wholeheartedly with your little "comment about the article" Nice job, I love how it flows and how you actually use time throughout the whole thing
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