February 18, 2011
I live in you
I'm false and I'm true
You can't see me, I'm invisible
I am weak but invinsible
From the tip of your tongue
I am the words
But I am also something
That cannot be heard
I might drive you crazy
Your common sense I will take
I can tear down, bulid up, and re-make
I may get you excited
Or incredibly blue
But in the process
I will completly blind you
No one will hear me com=nfessing,
but I'm a sting from a bee
and an angels caressing
I am Hell from below
and Heaven above
What am I?
I am love...

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GlassXRose said...
Apr. 15, 2011 at 6:40 pm
You really captured what love is; Great job done on this one!
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