January 13, 2011
By carlibriley SILVER, New Orleans, Louisiana
carlibriley SILVER, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Vlad and Henry exchanged looks of horror, and Vlad sighed. "Is nothing sacred?"

disease of the mind
fire of the brain
the tics of the world
becomes your mane

you pick up things
most people don't
the invisible strings
emotions in tow

they fling you their thoughts
tossing their hearts
the mind is the scalpel
slicing open soul parts

chaotic bolts of white lighting
flash before you as you walk
angry bared teeth jump at you
fierce exclamations are no longer a shock

the curse that haunts every fiber of your being
polluting seeds that sprout on every inch of your body
your own living hell, you wouldn't have it any other way
life never settles down, sitting in the lobby

The author's comments:
same as 99% of my poems...

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