January 13, 2011
As polar bears set sea on melting ice,
forests blaze from suffocating heat,
the human race belittles Earth to the size of mice,
forgetting death of nature in no great feat.
Faucets rampantly run, ignoring Earth’s deep cry,
few trees exist to fix our faults so aid proves rare,
we seem to crave forests empty and the oceans dry,
and excess pollution leads to carbon-filled air.
Yet, hope exists, through the canvas bags in hand,
as recycle bins caress the tainted ground,
Fines follow those who ignorantly litter our land,
and landfills abate from a mountain to a mound.
For, tidal waves like lungs rise and fall,

Bird’s songs suggest the start to human’s days,
Lullabies sweetly stem from a cricket’s call,
Notice, Earth unifies with man, strong as sun’s rays.
Stars kiss the midnight sky as we drift to dreams,
And the beauty remains present for all to admire,
Golden Earth sews us all together like seams,
For nature’s masterpieces will never retire.

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timeformetofly7 said...
Jan. 27, 2011 at 8:17 pm
this is amazing. :) i also loved the word choice... awesome job!!
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