Victoria's Secret

December 16, 2010
A little girl stood outside a glass store,
peering through a crystal door.
She stopped and let
herself wonder if Victoria really had a secret.
Niave and unsure,
she said it was a cover for being insecure.
When they say, "Hello, Bombshell,"
are they really saying all they need to tell?
When darkness turns to light,
they're beautiful creatures of the night.
Behind their piercing eyes and flawless hair,
they can steal your heart with one gasp of air.
It's the doubt that takes control,
and the guilt that throws them down a hole.
The girl holds her head up high,
takes a deep breath, and sighs.
Opens her shell,
bids the store, "Farewell."
And yet,
does Victoria even have a secret?

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Gabby said...
Jan. 18, 2013 at 6:10 pm
This is so beautiful, I can;t believe there are no comments
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