An Ocean Lullaby

December 26, 2010
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I hear a lullaby in the waves
Crash against the distant shore
And as I sit enchanted
All these things I'm thankful for:

The people in life who always care
The friend that always seem to be there
The ones I've lost, the ones I've found
The ones that will always be around

The breeze that flows through your hair
Your blue eyed, beautiful, and gentle stare
The heart that cries while it is broken
The one who speaks what must be spoken

Fallen snow and frozen lakes
The joy that winter seems to make
The smell of lilacs in the air
Summer soon will be there

Pouring rain and broken wings
All the dark and dreary things
For what's lost will make us strong
And help us a learn a brand new song

The miles between us here tonight
Every time I cry, every time we fight
For these are the things that make us close
The reason why I love you most.

Tears fall gently from my eyes
You know how much I hate goodbyes
But here on the distant shore
Nothing could save me anymore

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spiria said...
Jan. 15, 2011 at 11:38 pm

I really like the flow and the rhymes... not to mention the descriptions of all we should be thankful for!

My favorite: For what's lost will make us strong and help us learn a brand new song

Care to check out mine? :)

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