Stereo Love

December 16, 2010
Couldn't take it anymore,
as they entered through separate doors.
She's fed up,
and he can't get enough.
Strobe lights flashing
upon them making it blinding.
Darkness of black and green;
images appear on the screen.
They throw their hands to the sky.
You won't see him cry.
You won't see her hide.
Deep inside,
they don't want to be apart.
When are you gonna stop breaking my heart?
Playing that stereo love,
they're trapped in this club.
He peers through mascara painted eyes.
She sees right through his lies.
The people surrounding
dance into the night, the music pounding.
They dance with dillusional dreams
of speakers bursting and faded screams.
All hypnotized
by the disco gleam in their eyes.
Their feet move across the floor
as they stride for more.
Hair swoops in the air
across their face, gasping for air.
A siren's song falls from her tainted lips.
He drowns in his regrets from one toxic sip.
They get lost in the crowd
avoiding the following black cloud.
Face to face,
others freeze in their place.
"I can fix all those lies."
She's lost in his eyes.
Into the night,
they try
to pay for things they've never done,
playing that stereo love.

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