As The Seasons Change

November 28, 2010
By Anonymous

as the seasons change, so do i
and everyone around me changes by and by

i sit on the stairs and listen to my parents talk
old stories and new of ma on the street she would walk

and of daddy on the farm as a boy
and of my aunts and uncles, each other they would annoy

stories that light up a smile on our faces
stories that make our hearts and minds fill up the empty spaces

stories that make our faces darken with anger or sadness
stories that also fill us with joy and happiness

it makes me think of my brother and cousins and me
our stories, how much we’ve changed to how we’ve come to be

the more things change the more they stay the same
and yet as our lives went down new roads and people went and came

in and out of our lives people pour
the more things stay the same the more they change to see what fate has in store

as the seasons of summer, spring, winter, and fall pass us by
and the summer beach waves churn and the spring winds fly

and the autumn leaves fall and the winter snow blows cold; no
a time passes by it still makes me wonder why things have to change so

change is okay; change can be good or bad
sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes sad

everyone around me changes by and by
and as the seasons change, so do i

The author's comments:
This is one of the first poems I ever wrote back in middle school...I came across it & decided to share it.

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