waste of time, and money

November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

I held you once
Like you were the only
Girl for me,but im the dunce
all you've done is leave me lonely

our first date,your friends
tagged along
at the movies I waited
how it felt so long

you finally showed
and we walked in together
laughed the whole time
I wanted this forever

you let me drive your car
(you made fun of my driving)
we found a pizza place not far
making conversation, each striving

I was nervous
when I asked if I could kiss you
you were persistent
when you smiled and said no
but I was consistent

awkward, but right
it felt like fireworks in the night
we parted ways
with smiles that lasted days

date #2 was better
I accidentally beat you at bowling
besides the rain and traffic
conversation was flowing

I dint kiss you, even though
you were on the porch waiting
as your family peeked corners
to know if we were dating

I still regret that

we were inseparable
at school and outside
then Halloween came
and everything changed

that night at your party
everything seemed right
not knowing what you were doing
when you were out of my sight

now here's the zinger
that still makes me laugh
your friend came up to me at school
and asked if I knew?

that my girl
the one that made me smile
had taken another out for a whirl after I was down the road a mile

I guess I couldnt be mad, we werent official
but it still hurt
I tried working things through
but it didnt matter
now all that's left
is awkwardness everytime we pass
I lost a friend, my football buddy
she wasnt a waste of my time
or my money
just a relationship,she wasnt ready

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on Dec. 2 2010 at 9:17 pm
biancac04 SILVER, Modesto, California
5 articles 10 photos 7 comments

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-Marilyn Monroe

hmmmmm wonder who this is about..... lol well im sorry to know that things turned out the total opposite of what you expected.... but things happen for a reason and all you can do it just roll with it :) & the poem is really good!


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