Boy and Girl

October 27, 2010
Girl looks at boy with admiring eyes
Boy sits by girl
Girl sighs
Their eyes meet and their stomachs swirl

Girl can’t find her words to say
Boy can’t stop rambling
Girl day dreams about them kissing as they lay
Boy tries to make sense of it all but his brain is scrambling

Girl has something she must confess
Boy feels that he must concede
Their feelings for each other causes much stress
If one is without the other neither will succeed

Boy says “My life depends on your heart’s leisure
My lady your magnificent face is the muse for my music
To please you I would go to any desperate measure
You are pretty and fair and my only pleasure

Girl says “My heart is yours to keep
Your life if the sparrow softly singing its song to my soul
My constant thinking of you makes it impossible to sleep
Say you will love me forever or I will surely weep”

Boy holds girl in a loving embrace
Boy whispers I love you in her ear
Boy kisses her while holding her face
They elope without leaving a trace

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