River of Tears

August 30, 2010
Tears pour from above the veil of sadness
What are reasons of war, money, and madness?
The endless rain gathers in a river of sorrow
To dry, it will take more than just tomorrow
The river of grief pours into the sea of tears
While hungry children tremble with fears

A kneeling priest holds up a cross
Wet and weeping why the great loss
Begging the great Zeus to throw lightning
Anything, to terminate the infinite fighting
The cheerless seraphs can at least try
But, all they do is fall to their knees and cry

A sad homeless child begins to pray
Whimpering why does she have to pay
Because the new pricey government toy
Made to destroy and bring anything but joy
The answer of rain, as she starts to shiver
As one more tear, streams into the river

The depressing river of tears runs deep
Raging rapids of misery begin to leap
Through the deep dark veins of your heart
Your tender emotions begin to fall apart
Shedding tears adding to the endless rain
Knowing that war only brings more pain

We can at least try to help the rain dry
But, all we do is crumble to our knees and cry
Begging for every soldier’s safe release
We can live contently with diversity in peace
But, until we all learn to lend a helping hand
We’ll never see the dreamed promise land

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Brea_Bloodbath said...
Sept. 17, 2010 at 6:38 am
wow this is awesome!
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