Just Need To...

July 31, 2010
I'm always based off of my desicions
And I seem to appear like an apparition
I've always been invisible
If I give that's the only way I appear visible
And I'm not exactly clear or sure
On why I've been so insecure
On showing what I've got inside
It's not like I've got anything to hide
I've always been on the shy side
And for me lifes been a bumpy ride
I really hope someone finds a cure
To help me understand and make sure
That I am going to be okay
And I am going to make my way
To a life that is lovely and luxurious
That leads me not to be so curious
And to stop being so hesitant
But loosen up and become confident
There are some things I'd just love to shout
But I won't instead I'll just spell them out
And what these words will have been said
Is "I wish this bashful side I could shed"
So I need to get these things I lack
So that I am able to become intact
Because I don't want to be an apparition
I want to be a full beautiful vision
:)) <3

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theMysteryPoet said...
Aug. 27, 2010 at 9:10 pm
I love the way you play with your vocabulary. This poem flows very nicely. Would you mind taking a look at some of my work and telling me what you think?
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