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July 25, 2010
By laughter101 GOLD, North Bend, Nebraska
laughter101 GOLD, North Bend, Nebraska
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Hate is a useless emotion- from the book need

In time you'll understand, its time to lend a helping hand. Time they say is everlasting, In time when you good at it your mastering. It takes time to get some where, in time nothings really fair. There's not enough time in a day, when time ages you your hair goes gray. The say don't let time pass you by, spend time just to cry. If I had a penny for every time I heard that, hey i spent a lot of time working off my fat. I don't time to play, you better make time if you want me to stay. But I do that all the time, your doing the time if you did the crime. Hip hip hurray its summer time, guess its time for me to find a tree to climb. Well this time i hope you liked it, remember time doesn't last forever so use it as wisely as you fell fit.

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