The Fruit Man

June 9, 2010
By CherryGarcia BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
CherryGarcia BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Apples, bananas they’re all the same,
I am the fruit man and that is my name.
Selling children fruit every day,
For usually quite a good pay.

My fruit stand is open from ten to six,
But if you come early you just might get the best picks.
The fruit is so juicy, tasty, and yummy,
Before you can say “wow” it was in your tummy.

Recently something happened, I don’t know what it is,
Children aren’t buying my fruit and my sales are a fizz.
Every four years there’s this strange thing called an election,
Hmm, I think there might be a connection.

Couldn’t sell ‘em, couldn’t eat ‘em, lots of rotten tomatoes,
Sold ‘em though to two guys called the Alfredos!
Something about a race they couldn’t gain,
Throwing tomatoes, at a rally, for Palin and McCain.

Narrow ideas from which to chose,
People are saying,”you’re gonna lose”.
For me and my momma there ain’t no hidin’,
Cause we happily support Obama and Biden.

The author's comments:
The presidential election in '08 inspired me to write this piece.

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