American Heroes

June 14, 2010
By BurgGirl GOLD, Portsmouth, Ohio
BurgGirl GOLD, Portsmouth, Ohio
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They march with pride into the catastrophic area,
Representing America.

They hold their weapons up in pride,
Never letting their military pins hide.

Leaving Behind all that they have or will,
They walk in boots to big for any man to fill.

They shed tears at the sights they see,
Thankful for their home, the land of the free.

Thank yous aren't said enough,
For what they do is very rough.

They save the innocent,
And bare the burden that one man couldn't.

They are the bravest people I know,
Selfishness they never show.

Wives, Husbands, and families dread for the day,
When someone knocks on their door with condolences to pay.

They are willing to pay the automate price for the home of the brave,
Even when it ends with a flag draped over a fallen comrades grave.

They do this for their country and the people they will never know,
Just so our flag can sway in the rain, wind, or snow.

They are the United States Military Forces,
Hero is a to insignificant word for their services.

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