Earl The Polar Bear

April 15, 2010
By Katheryn223 BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
Katheryn223 BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
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Earl The Polar Bear.
Earl the polar bear was tired of snow,
He wanted to see where else he could go.

He looked around and all he could see,
Was only almost only white with just one tree.

Earl the polar bear was tired of snow,
So he asked his mother where else he could go.

Over to igloos to visit the seals,
Or stay here and eat some warm tasty meals.

Bored he went to look for something to do,
He wondered for hours with not a clue.

Earl the polar bear was tired of snow,
His energy was becoming very low.

Too low to play outside today,
So he went inside and decided to lay.

He got some hot coco and laid by the fire,
He closed his eyes for he began to get tired.

He slowly drifted off so sleep,
And dreamed the he would finally meet,

Something with color so very bright,
That would fill his heart with such delight.

It would put a smile upon his furry face,
And make him like this snowy place.

He found his happiest place was his dreams,
They were filled with such bright and colorful scenes.

The author's comments:
This is a young child poem. I was inspired when my sister had her first baby.

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