Deep Dark Poet

May 2, 2010
By , needham, MA
I’m not some deep dark poet
I write happy stuff as well.
I’m not a hater or a lover
But those preps should go to hell.

I’m not some deep dark poet
I never dress all black.
I don’t spend my evenings in my room
Lights down heart beating fast.

I’m not some deep dark poet
I have good times just like you
I’m not some deep dark poet
But I’ve written one or two

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Narmses said...
May 25, 2010 at 4:48 pm
Nice. I can relate to this so much. (except the black part but that was for a rave party XD). People think I'm this guy who writes sad poetry but the only reason they ever saw that is because those were my best poems I submitted for class. I write happy stuff but it just isn't as powerful.
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