Would you still love me?

April 20, 2010
By SavvyLane PLATINUM, Peoria, Illinois
SavvyLane PLATINUM, Peoria, Illinois
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Would you still love me?
If I were me would you still love me?
The real me… the one who no one sees?
What if I weren’t who you believed me to be?
What if I showed you all the flaws you couldn’t see?
If I did this would you still love me?
If I went against what you told me to do
What would happen between me and you?
Would you toss me aside like a forgotten memory?
Would you say that you don’t care if I hurt?
Please tell me what you would do
I want to be me but I have to keep it from you
I want to live how I want to live
But that’s not something I can do
All because I have to keep it from you
I am afraid of how you would react
I don’t think you would still love me
That statement is a fact…
So I am afraid to show you the real me
The person who I am
Maybe I am wrong,
So tell me…
Would you still love me?

The author's comments:
Everyone has their insecurities and I formed my insecurities into this poem, I was insecure about whether the people I know would still love me. Dedicated to Eli.

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