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April 16, 2010
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Terrific Tales Told
Very few of them are actualy true
Storys of great knights so bold
Storys we all knew

Things Taught Then
They do not apply to today
The world gets worse and worse
Live life to the fullest either way

Thought They'd Try
Make the world a better place
We are slowly killing God's creation
Watch as she dies sat a faster and faster pace

Terrible Times Tare
They tare the very fabric of humanity
Does anyone care?
This is not how we were made to be

Terrible Times Torture
Killing innocent people
Discrimination and racism
Who are you to put urself on a pedastal

Take The Tablet
People kill themselves with drugs
Adicted so they have to have it
Same effect as pouring salt on slugs

Tromendous Tornados Turn
A part of global warming
Precious Earth will soon burn
Yet we still don't heed the warning

Take Them There
No need to travel to Africa
Yes poverty is right here
Open your eyes coz it is right where you are

Tame The Tiger
Find the murderer
People being locked up for silly things
Mean while the murderer is free to wonder

Tough Times Taught
They taught me the quality of life
I always remember that whatever I might be
I must Teach Triumph and Thrive
That is the three times T

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