my nightmare

April 9, 2010
By , elyria, OH
I cant study with all of the screaming
My dad yelling and cussing and hitting
My mom keeps making threats that she's leaving
I think to myself I'm only dreaming
More like a nightmare it just wont stop
Now its twice a week three times tops
They argue, they spit, call each other names
They make me feel like I'm the one to blame
Cant they see what there doing to me
They tore apart my family
Now its school days with mommy
Week ends with daddy
At this rate I know that ill never be happy
I love them both but I hate them the same
For splitting us up and causing us pain
Now I cry myself to sleep at nite
My life is a struggle just another fight
So I take the knife I see the light
As I walk towards it I feel warm and bright
I wake up in a bed with my parents beside me
Holding my hand both of them crying
It shouldn’t have come to what I did
But now the pain the suffering and yelling has ended

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