March 4, 2010
By Mai Linh Nguyen BRONZE, Corona, California
Mai Linh Nguyen BRONZE, Corona, California
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It starts with something small. A joke, a line

Leads to a spark, an ignition in the mind

We then feel something spread across the face

A smile. Just when we thought we had no time, no space

Space for joy in our oh so troubled days

That just seem to get more complex in so many countless ways

Laughter. It just seems to brighten our sorrows

It gives us a push, to try again tomorrow

Those who bring it to us are rarely recognized

The unsung heroes that brighten everyday of our not-so-simple lives

We go through our days, just waiting for the next

Some of us constantly looking flagrantly vexed

Then comes along somebody, whose quite the upper

Makes us forget about the bad grades, hard times, and the lost lovers

You think, “Hey, they’ve got problems, just like me.”

But how do they do it? Make life seem simple and care-free

Then you realize that they take it so much slower

Not living they day, just waiting ‘til it’s over

They take their tough times and give ‘em a spin

Because when they make you laugh, they know that they win

Every smile, every grin, every laugh they treasure

Because to them, your joy is a prize of no measure

To see your face lit. To know they made it so,

Brings them greater joy than some will ever know

So next time you hear someone tell a cheesy line or corny joke,

Remember. Your smile and laugh is worth more than every word ever spoke

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