Tree Nymphs

October 30, 2009
Tricky little beings
Hiding within trunks of oak trees
Using nature as playthings
Where they manipulate and tease

Their fingers clawed
As the rough edges of bark
Their hair stretched and curled
Like branches of an arc

Innocence with an experience
Steadily the trees will climb
Followed carefully with eyes of guidance
Daytime and nighttime

They will remain hidden
Watching helping leaves grow
Forever they will be smitten
Dancing natures tango

Fighting wind
Battling rain
They will never be pinned
The trees still remain

A god they are not
Maybe lover
Maybe friend
Forever uncaught

Here they remain
Nature mistresses
Forever in the trees domain
Tree Nymphs

Their hair the branches
Their fingers the bark
Trees life their dances
Trees Spirit their spark
Tree Nymphs

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