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June 18, 2019
By Ravensandfire SILVER, San Francisco, California
Ravensandfire SILVER, San Francisco, California
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It drifted in,

A beauty wind


Icy blue on the pond,

The shimmer which comes with dawn


While all the creatures of the wild

Play and sleep like Winter’s child 


Fire gives an auburn light

While smoke tops the chimney and fills the night


I don’t want to close my eyes

So long as the moon shines bright

And the snow sparkles down in the street light 

And as long as warm drinks compel me to write 


But if you’re lucky, they’ll cancel school

While the snow on the pavement is fresh and new


And if you’re quiet, you can hear the snow land

And if you’re patient, I will take your hand


Because no matter how much of an aromantic I am,

I will always say the snow is freezing my hands

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