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Here are the most recent haikus:

Autumn Leaves
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The leaves dance merrily Upon the wind. And the forest bows. (more »)
The Poppies
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The souls of the dead Roamed the lonely battlefield Surveying each corpse   Replayed before them With the haunting sound effects Are their gruesome deaths   They weeped at the sight Tears watering the cursed ground Then... (more »)
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my fingerprints are mazes that you will never be able to solve (more »)
Old Man
A man sat alone Always by himself, silence Loneliness unquelled (more »)
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Another Lie
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I swear, for sure this time that I will never break another promise. (more »)
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Why limit yourself  To seventeen syllables When there's more to say (more »)
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All that we're doing Is entertaining ourselves As we wait to die (more »)
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Parisian Cafe
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Legs crossed, a sip of tea. Bright red lipstick. Rain is soft against the glass.   A worn out novel. Dainty smile, and she slips out the door, out of sight. (more »)
That Flower on the Desk
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Tiny stoma flares Exhales a puff of pollen Death will make us part (more »)
Spring, Summer, and Fall
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In Spring we lived love, That Summer we drew ourselves To fall like leaves fall. (more »)
Boiling Blood
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My blood has never boiled as it does right now. I want to kill you. (more »)
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Darling, if I could I'd use the sunlight itself to dry all your tears (more »)
Last Day
By , paragould, AR
The tornado dust, wind, leaves flying no trace of me. (more »)
Seasonal Recovery
In the middle of winter I found a summer within me   and if love was a deluge I would send you a lasting rainstorm   because you make the flowers grow for me again even when I’m sad. (more »)
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Dinosaurs roamed earth Playing like us after birth But now they are dead (more »)
They (Too) Are Mud
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Don't dip your muddy Fingers in the rivers, they Don't cleanse anymore (more »)
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