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Canis Lupis
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Wolves prowling close Swift as the passing shadows Kings of the Tundra   Racing through the trees, The spirit of the wolf skimming the frosted ground   Cubs playing in grass The pack watches over the The future leaders  ... (more »)
ABC Haiku's
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M Swinging through the trees Monkeys ruling the jungle On vines of kinship I Ink splatters the page An open canvas revealed The stories await C Crisp paper stacked Waiting for enlightenment Who will oblige? H Hunting through the... (more »)
Winter Talks
Cold whispering winds, Told me their deepest sorrows, just like that they're gone.. (more »)
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  The muddy pond lies A picture of peacefulness Cattails sway gently (more »)
Consequence of Disobedience
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When I entangled The wires of our home's circuit I, shocked, was grounded (more »)
For What It's Worth
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Please see al my flaws. Let them carve me all around. I won't hide them ever. (more »)
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Different actions Over periods of time Going through changes  (more »)
Winter Really is Beautiful
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Like a Hallmark show. Hot chocolate mugs, and snowy frost covered lawns. (more »)
Summertime...Oh How I Miss You
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Rising and falling. Sizzle sizzle of the grill, Flip flop and splish splash. (more »)
Pretzel Fingers
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your pretzel fingers you tipped-tapped-toed together they pressed my heart's keys (more »)
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those cheap bags you wear under your eyes would soon turn into Hermes bags (more »)
Yellow Skittles
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When I was little I’d found my favorite treat A yellow skittle I was dubbed a freak But I had an abundance Of unwanted sweets   (more »)
Dawn to Night
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Fading streams of pink and purple as Dawn leaves. Stars shine within dark Night. (more »)
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complex desires hid the world from her eyes, so  demons came inside   she had no regret spread her arms as she fell down and felt utter joy (more »)
That Diner
The warmth of hot coffee danced on my tastebuds. It was like a extremly hot caffinated shower. When i step out into the open, my mouth senses the coldness of the night. The sight of never ending street lights and gasoline leaks. (more »)
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The Moon and the Sun
The Moon and the Sun Eminently Divergent Yet oddly the same. (more »)
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