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You Come to Me in Waves This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I knew you were the ocean before I could stop to taste the salt air (more »)
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The pink petals fall. Everything beautiful ends. The cycle of life. (more »)
Summer's Reality
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  The summer days fly So much to do yet no time Sadly school is here (more »)
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The cold breezy wind, made me shiver in the dark, and miss the warm light (more »)
My Cheeks
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  Standing by the pool My cheeks began to burn bright you caught me staring Again You pulled me in close A small leaf fell on my cheeks And you kissed it away Which is colder you, or the snow My cheeks are frozen... (more »)
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Earth that shifts and shakes, grounds true creation unknown- Earth that grows and heals. Wind the blows and breaks, gusts unlike like any other- wind the breathes and holds. Fire that scorches, flames that flicker with no cause, fire... (more »)
Young Love
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Viewing you in class, I notice the way you smile It has intrigued me. We’ve finally spoken On passions, dislikes, and dreams Where has the time gone? The way you kiss me Feels like electricity I think I love you. Viewing me in... (more »)
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Flowers blossoming all around Each pestle slowly faling off, and it helps me learn   Rain falling down  Each drop hitting the ground, and it helps me grow   It is cold outside  I wish it would be warmer But it is still... (more »)
Four Years of High School
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Beginning High School New people, new faces everywhere Still have three years left   Frightened about my classes Adapting to this atmosphere Still have two years left   Familiar with the school now Focusing on my six classes... (more »)
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Adventure begins Ready to start the new year, Excited but lost Its time to study, Read and write to be the best Friends are less and less In the library Texting that I am alright I am not alright It is the last year, I can finally... (more »)
A Hidden Part
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People see happy, showing up with a smile, never shown sadness. Brushing off the tears, before entering each class, not being noticed. Struggling inside, emotions taking over, trying to get out. How can I escape, you can’t run... (more »)
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Thrill, joy, happiness. The month of June has arrived. Summer, here I come. (more »)
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Drifting constantly Air travels around the globe, yet it fills my soul.   Burning bright orange Fire is mercurial, yet it keeps me warm.   Flowing silently Water shines in the moonlight, and it heals my wounds.   Blossoming... (more »)
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I walk through the gates  There's only one golden rule  Just try and be cool   Year two of high school I've fallen into routine  Getting bored of me    I'm halfway done now  Involved in activities  Craving my degree ... (more »)
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No cheers could be heard until the end of your game as the boys start theirs. (more »)
By , Cerritos, CA
Snow flakes and cold winds Icicles hung on house roofs Eat them and get sick Clouds water the ground Flowers occupy the soil Humans do nothing Beach balls everywhere Scorching sunlight heats the sand Everyone turns dark Leaves... (more »)
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