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Here are the most recent haikus:

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losing homework that I really meant to do is the absolute worst.  (more »)
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Butterflies attack my belly you, completely unaware your smile, my jitter (more »)
The Ocean's Plastic Bag
Paper or Plastic When not on land the only choice is jellyfish (more »)
Warm, Wet, and Wonderful
soup is really wet you should probably use a spoon to eat the soup (more »)
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in the cave I meet friendly  warm  such nice people once out I see truth (more »)
Cosmic Realignment
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The meeting of souls Is cosmic realignment,  sewing twin fabrics (more »)
How hard should I try to change myself?
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Should I feel guilty, What I do subconsciously ? Still bad isn’t it? (more »)
The conundrum.
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“Write meaningfully.” Are poems supposed to be deep? That’s the perception. (more »)
The perpetual smiler.
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Who always smiles No one that I’v ever seen Guess life is tricky (more »)
Not in the mood.
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The page has stayed blank. Art teacher tells me to draw. Just feels like spilling blood. (more »)
Hello community college.
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Bad grade a test. This means a bad GPA. Say bye to Harvard. (more »)
Just a test.
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Uncomfortable Silences fills the classroom A kid sighs with stress. (more »)
Your grandma is dead.
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The bad news bearer: “You can’t shoot the messenger.” Who do I shoot then? (more »)
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Falling quickly off Of the edge of sanity rethinking choices (more »)
Sijo Poem
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He swings the bat, the ball explodes as fast as wind His trainer walks in, and he’s scared of the results Dreams vanish and vaporize Playing is now impossible It’s just a dream (more »)
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led lashed, create persistent, invisible force, drifting to sea (more »)
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