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In a Hurry
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In a hurry, run, faster and faster to get there, I can't be late- Brrrriiiinnnngggg. (more »)
The Special Diet
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Everytime I stand on the scale, I lose a pound of self esteem.   Number that defines me, continues to increase insecurity.   Maybe if I cry even more tears, I will lose one hideous pound. (more »)
U R Loved
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If you're feeling like you are not loved, Remember  Somebody loves you (more »)
Unseen Things
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There are unseen things, wanting to be known and loved, but just can not be (more »)
A Better World
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Welcome a new world, full of warmth and compassion, where we won't feel alone. (more »)
By , sebastopol, CA
The clouds form above, The smell of rain in the air,  Winter is now here. (more »)
I am of the sand everything will come to me all will fade with me (more »)
Faith vs. Politics
Are you really sure, That this life is not just lies? Can you be honest? (more »)
Scape Goat To My Own Existence
Review of scapegoat to my own existence When I browsed through the poems I came across the poem scapegoat to my own existence by “Cindy Tae” and it really stood out among the rest. It was simple but meaningful it was deep without losing the... (more »)
As Agents
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I'll take agency, And teach it to my daughter. Ruler of her life. (more »)
Name to the Face
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Call me by my name.  Not by my physical parts. I'm not your to view. (more »)
Pessimism Gradient
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I can't see colors, Cause everything's black and white. And I'm stuck in grey.  (more »)
Gender Tag
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You're holding me back. The world's calling to me; Don't label me down. (more »)
Help Within Reach
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Even in the day The stars are still in the sky You just can't see them (more »)
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Stronger than ever, I will fight until the end, Never losing hope. (more »)
The Stained Glass Window of my Childhood
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Fresh-cut grass and Barbie Jeeps, Dandelions and polka dot blow up pools. All pieces of the stained glass window of my childhood. Glowing smiles and bright blue eyes, Pine cones and hints of Spring. All pieces of the stained glass... (more »)
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