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Here are the most recent haikus:

Birth of a New Day
The bright sphere rises, And darkness disintegrates. A blank page awaits. (more »)
Calm Serenity - Haiku Collection
With the Sun Rising, Birds Begin Their Morning Song With Sweet Melody     Trout Peacefully Drifts Below the Dangerous Sky An Eagle Soars In     Waves Crash On the Shore No Humans to Interrupt, Mother Nature’s Act  ... (more »)
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don't forget to have me invited, my friend, once you get promoted (more »)
Cherry Blossoms
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ladies of the wind in your pinkish ballet shoes would you dance with me (more »)
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Lips Are Moving
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from your lips I count how many times you purse words into pretty lies (more »)
I Love You
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These words twist my tongue Three syllables I scrabble Only in papers (more »)
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silence creeps between hi and hello, its echo comes after with shhh (more »)
Heart in Suffering
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Faster! Her heart beats. Pump! Pump! Pump! Her heart will scream. Silence steals the air. (more »)
School is very fun. Everyday I go to school. I really like school. (more »)
A Brief Description of Air (A Collection of...
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The air is naive Sweet clouds go across the sky Storms upon the towns     The air is memory Smells of the summer flowers Remembered in sky     Invisible air Cannot see the hidden smoke Purity is rare (more »)
Last Night
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Music in our veins, We dance to our hearts content, And forget the world. (more »)
Huntress's Haiku
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I must be quick, dear Fleeing from this space in heart Legs will soon follow. The fatal ballet You and I dance on the cliffs Up the mountain, steep. Diana's own pull Delivers death before you Lay it on my lips. Softening death 'fore... (more »)
All Hail
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I say my hail Marys. But it's not sin they hate. It is who I am.  (more »)
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in all her glory The Lady of Liberty covered in birdpoop (more »)
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Drinking coffee in china teacups; I'm nothing if not rebellious. (more »)
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