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He is everywhere even in my darkest dreams curling in my brain (more »)
Grand Canyon
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Amazing distance Bottomless canyon snowing Life giving outdoors (more »)
I spit onto paper
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you taught me demons cannot survive when drenched in the ink of my pen (more »)
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I am waiting, waiting for the boy with eyes like the sea after a storm to come pick me up in his dusty Ford truck Even though the popular girls laughed even though my friends sighed I know he'll come I know he'll come Even... (more »)
Haikus For You
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Haikus, just for you So you can smile all day long no more frowning, love. (more »)
A Twisted Story
Each tear of pain is a bittersweet memory of a twisted story. (more »)
Are You There?
Where are you? I can't see you, here or there. Are you there for me? (more »)
When It Rains
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Rain drops dance on, and on, and on, and then they disappear. (more »)
Wasted Beauty
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I want to blossom in your mouth and crumble in your hands - a dead rose (more »)
Nature's Grief
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Storm clouds heave with sobs, and their tears pour down to drown The world in sorrow. (more »)
Water of Life
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quick patter of rain floods barren deserts with life droplet by droplet (more »)
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When the seasons change I revel in the beauty Every time different When the days go by And darkness is about I am overwhelmed When the years turn I look at the sky And I sigh (more »)
Chapter two
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stuck in a chapter lost in fiction, you take my hand and turn the page. (more »)
what you never saw
By , Frisco, TX
Even the breeze sends hints of your whisper. The sky, window to your soul. I try to escape your embrace in the sun, mock warmth, you watch me burn. The stars watching in pity, my one relief. Soon I’ll be joining them. (more »)
Never To,get,her This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Life, a, comma, tries, to, separate, us, keeping a, silence, between. (more »)
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In dreams you are here, but gone when I awake. So back to sleep I'll go. (more »)
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