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Beautiful Day
By , Cherry Hill, NJ
The wind brings a breeze Giving you chills up your spine, still cold with layers (more »)
They're Easy
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Haikus are easy Don't take lots of time to complain Yet you still complain (more »)
I Think You Are King Midas
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I think you are King Midas Because every time you touch me I feel myself turn to gold (more »)
By , Monroe, CT
Worlds left unspoken are everything and nothing they do not exist   If you believe them you see what you want, unless you open your eyes   I prefer the truth you were always out of reach except in my head (more »)
The Tulip Was Beautiful
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The tulip was beautiful Yet, it still wilted untouched When autumn came (more »)
You Hit The Mark
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You hit the mark Perfectly every single time But I made a new bullseye (more »)
Success is Key
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Jersey to LA One camera and a dream, pictures with feeling (more »)
Enjoying My Solitude
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I am enjoying my solitude. I don't care  what you say. The end. (more »)
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Now, the night is here, and tomorrow is on the brink of existence. (more »)
World Haikus
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Water Look at me and I’ll look at you. Drink of me and I’ll drain you away.   Dirt There’s a place where we Can agree on what life is. Haven’t found it yet.   Air You say you breathe me Maybe I am breathing you But you... (more »)
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In the morning rush, I try to hear the quiet. Still, I don't hear you. (more »)
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My phone lit, began To buzz, and that was the sound Of a second chance. (more »)
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If you all saw him The way I see him, how could You not fall in love? (more »)
Web of Hope
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False hope is a lie Described like a spider's web Caught before you know   But I see the web I know I am getting caught Seeing lies, blind hope. (more »)
Life of An Author This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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life of an author click tap click tap click click tap press delete and repeat (more »)
to be determined.
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i think im trapped. i think im cornered by the thought of being with you. (more »)
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