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Here are the most recent haikus:

The Observer
By , groton, CT
I was there, in the background of the photograph. I saw everything. (more »)
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Nature's different calls. The cheerful songs of small birds. Night, Crickets' soft chirps....   (more »)
Further away
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If only I had psychokinesis, I’ll push you further from me. (more »)
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Too many people Remove warnings natural Selection at work (more »)
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Trees tower above our heads. Rain falls from the clouds, but we are sheltered (more »)
The Cardinal
By , groton, CT
I saw a cardinal, through the library window, alone in the world. (more »)
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She spins, colours splash Pictures form before her eyes Imagination (more »)
Friendly Betrayal
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You stared me kindly in the face as you drew your sword, and impaled me. (more »)
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Magical chapter Television perfection Read books forever (more »)
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Perfect family Maleficent adventures Beautiful lie (more »)
A Word for Love
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Agglutination. I will hug you so tightly, We'll morph together. (more »)
Crazy Dog
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Crazy Dog is here She runs jumps barks howls chews woo! Will she ever sleep? (more »)
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True Oblivion You see it now, It’s never there     Now you’re lost, with me (more »)
By , Pittsford, NY
black and yellow stripes float lazily through the air little bumblebee (more »)
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Blackberry stains write Words of edible life on The lines of my lips. (more »)
Natural Choice
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Of all the flowers That flow down this blue river Only one makes it. (more »)
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