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Here are the most recent haikus:

Just some haiku...
Lightning streaks through the sky Slowly clouds start rumbling The rain pours silent   Fish is to water As the moss is to the forest As grain is to field Water runs in stream Flowing- rushing silently Feeding all with life... (more »)
Letting Go This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Allow me to be your anchor. To sink for you would be an honor I was never built To bask in the sun’s bright beams To bathe in its warmth You cannot keep me Above the chortling waves that dance over the depths I am cast iron I... (more »)
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New books everywhere beautiful smell not cracked Wonderful on shelf (more »)
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One stitch at a time Aida cloth in hoop trapped Image beauty (more »)
A Spider's Trap
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Intricate patterns, Woven of gossamer thread, Spell beauty and death. (more »)
Blunt Force Trauma
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killing a feeling no remorse as it crumbles isn't this easier (more »)
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I don’t need seven- teen syllables to move you: one frank look would do. (more »)
Note to Self:
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Not finished with this yet come back it needs work give me time to fix it (more »)
Dance of Leaves This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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We pass, cradled soft. Intercepting leaps and bounds. Then rest amongst them.   Observed by creatures. Far they stare in temptation. Anticipation.   Flight of the shy deer. Wind rushes past, pushing us. Up into the sky.... (more »)
Society's Expectations
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They tell me to stop Then next to never give up Just make up your mind (more »)
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I still have the shirt That I wore the day you left; I can't let you go. (more »)
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The cold takes over As I wait alone outside; Not knowing what for. (more »)
Under the Veil This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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straight smoothed silken hair: a veil for the chaos that’s dancing under there (more »)
Stay with me
By , Guilford, CT
When you are with me  I see no shadows, just sun So stay with me please (more »)
The College Search
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College finding is  Stressful. It is long hours online And national trips.   It is big spreadsheets And fighting with mom and dad And knots in your back.   But college finding Is exciting and joyful And adventurous.   ... (more »)
Freedom in Writing
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Writing is my life I can express  my feelings Boldly through my ink.   When I’m feeling down Words are my best up lifter Never judging me. (more »)
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