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Hushed This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I am always caught between dreams and the taste of your name on my lips. (more »)
Don't Use Your Religion on Me
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God's saved me many times, and He's not the way you say He is at all (more »)
Skinny Love
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The wind blows east as He sets sail for another Goodbye, my darling. (more »)
Two Masters
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It's so exhausting Loving both and hating me Serving two masters (more »)
The Last Kiss
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Kiss me one last time Before you leave but this time Never let me go. (more »)
Don't Give Up
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Don't give up on life Because she hasn't given Up on you so far. (more »)
Lucky Birds
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Birds can fly away From their problems so I don't See why I can't, too. (more »)
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I can't it say right; all I can say is that... God took His time with you. (more »)
Prison Of Love
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How could you let them, Pervades our blur souls, Into these prison of love? How could you let them, Handcuff our hush dreams, Beneath these (ugly) woven--lies? (more »)
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grapes are really good they taste really really good i love me some grapes (more »)
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Last silent whisper Heaven beckons its own Fallen once, now redeemed. (more »)
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Prescribe me something. Happiness and apathy; artificially. (more »)
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The summer sun beats Beating down the blazing rays Burning the dry ground Leaves begin to fall And started changing colors From green then to red Snowflakes start to form Frost begins to fall early The natives all freeze. (more »)
Did That Just Happen?
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When morning came round I wondered if I'd dreamed it No signs came from him (more »)
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Winter is the time To drink some hot chocolate And play in the snow (more »)
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The dictionary Serenades me with many Pronunciations (more »)
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