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Here are the most recent haikus:

PGA Tour Dreams
By , Modesto, CA
Hear the song of the birds Hear the sound of the golf ball As it leaves the club The roar of the cloud When the ball drops in the hole These dreams that I have I work to achieve The long days make me tired I cannot stop now (more »)
Need a Map of life?
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Long walk in the fog, I can not see through the smog, Map life to survive? (more »)
There's Too Much
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build a castle out of all of the things I will never comprehend. (more »)
By , Winter Garden, FL
I said no but I Meant yes when you asked if I had felt hopeless (more »)
Or Am I Only Dreaming?
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I will keep trying And I'll never see this start But I'll continue   My heart is broken And I'm a bit too fragile But I will go on   Are we meant to be Or am I only dreaming Maybe I should stop   Could we be perfect... (more »)
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The cold dark sorrow, Makes you beg for deception, A shrouded nightmare. (more »)
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The almost-frozen fall, or the soft Summer sun, Maine is calling. Come. (more »)
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Roses, beautiful They are different colors Make me happy,love (more »)
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Jaundiced ball hid in the sea. Clouds in clandestine. Welcome to gloaming. (more »)
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Flowers in the field have wellabounding emblems that please my blue eyes. (more »)
Sometimes Food
By , Dover, DE
Sometimes I eat food. Although, other times, I don't. Either way, I'm good. I don't get hungry. Adderall is the reason. I don't have to eat. It's been awhile now. Though my doctor says thats bad. But I don't feel sick. (more »)
Haiku no. 1
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The sun is setting Colors of the sky’s music, The song never ends. (more »)
By , New Castle, DE
the leaves are falling the frost is showing up now this weather is fall the snow is falling the flowers are all dying this weather’s winter the cold is leaving here the plants are growing back here this weather is spring (more »)
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Summer Is Over Another School Year Begins Two More Years To Go Lost In This New School New Faces To Remember To Call Them My Friends Lost In These Hallways No Clue Where I’m Heading To My Motivation I Am Half Way Through And Off... (more »)
By , Clayton, DE
On the ground there's ice. All I see is white branches. Outside the weather isn't nice. (more »)
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it's brick outside its freezing yes it is bundle up parents and kids (more »)
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