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On My Grandmother's Deathbed This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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She fasted, she prayed And called to God for answers He gave her cancer And at her funeral They spoke of mysterious ways Told me He loved her Still expected me On my knees every Sunday ’cause I kissed a girl But... (more »)
A Second Winter
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Some weep happiness, Most slam the shutters, for me? these people (more »)
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Wolves mourn; piercing night Howling, crying for Heaven To cease this nightmare (more »)
Tales of a Faliure
By , Miami, FL
Everything is wrong.  I try so hard, but fail.  I want it to end.  (more »)
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Made by me, made mine: I keep making duplicates-- I do this thing well. (more »)
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The impossible becomes possible, The world bows at our feet. We have made the earth our kingdom. (more »)
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Cheeks heated, Life swirls around us gently. I knew we were meant for eachother before life begun. (more »)
Howling Winds
By , Blairstown, NJ
There were howling winds Gusting through the dying trees Howling winds faded (more »)
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I am alone, stuck In a place I don't belong, I am so alone (more »)
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Your life is precious. Dont end it over something That's temporary. (more »)
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Let me drift away Like a forgotten snowflake, Dancing through the air. (more »)
Win or Lose.
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Nine players focused Ends with only one winner Who will get the win? (more »)
King Kershaw
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The ace is pitching Nine men working behind him His name is Kershaw (more »)
A New begining
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The gates are open I can see the blinding lights, the day has arrived. For the time is now. To remember and cherish, but first, we must bow We must look ahead, standing tall, with our shoulders down and heads held high.... (more »)
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Her flashing dark eyes reveal a wild storm inside the fight in her mind (more »)
Bipolar Colorado
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The blazing sun heat. White fluorescent melting snow. Rivers flow larger. (more »)
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