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The Grand Adventure
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Legends far and wide none tell the whole truth like mine Hearken! My good friends. Once upon a time a tall tower in the night a wizard lives there trapped a princess with no help, no mighty knight no hope seemed left when one man... (more »)
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love, not patient nor kind, costing pride, strips us of masks and selfishness (more »)
Unspoken Battles
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days in fear of words. saying too little too much weaponless, I fall. (more »)
By , austin, TX
Implying such grace, Speak to me, speak to me,Oh Such pasion I see! (more »)
Soulful Haikus This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Past Footsteps Footsteps in the clay Buffalo in the sunset Their spirits are one Listening I listen careful my breathing is all I see nothing stirs for now Father I see my Father His face is old and weathered... (more »)
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i always thought that i had strong bones until i felt my ribs cracking under the gentle pressure of your fingertips trailing on my skin (more »)
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sunflowers start as seeds. they grow. they bloom. they wilt. and, like us, they die. you said I was your sunflower.  you should have known i would break your heart (more »)
Summer Goodbyes
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never did I found the freshness of marigolds I withered away (more »)
Friendship is the Finest Silk
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Hair ever so silky, The kind smile rays at me, Forever my friend. (more »)
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Every now and again Something changes within me i can not go back (more »)
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liquid helium superfluid, frictionless impressive;not water.   you're a mystery you're sarcastic, elegant and not what I need   "look at me" you shriek you, the part of me I hide my best-kept secret   after all these... (more »)
What is "enough"?
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Surrounded by hate, Lost in the shadows of you; Never approved of. (more »)
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Change all what you want The monotony is there Luring at the edge. (more »)
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So short a haiku It's hard to write a poem That says what you mean (more »)
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Friends have all been places But I know where to go next To find new friends again. (more »)
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A time long past away Changing the nature of school Was a gift to treasure (more »)
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