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Life of an IB student

April 17, 2018

It starts outs okay
Just some hard classes to take
It will be alright

It is time to start
The fun Extended Essay
I can get through this

CAS and T-O-K
Start to make an appearance
Just more extra work

Here come our first mocks
It’s like we signed up to die
Because this is hard

I-A’s for the win
Love writing essays in math
And all subjects too

More IB work here
And a bunch of school work too
We are like machines

We finished Year 1
Just one more year left to do
Can it get much worse

Summer is over
And the doom begins to set
Of the too much stress

All IA’s are due
At the same time, how lucky
I can’t time manage

It is too stressful
E-E, CAS and T-O-K
Should be now finished

What is social life,
With IB there’s no such thing,
Or else you will fail

Study leave is here,
One more week and then we die
From I-B exams

Now we wait for grades
To know if we’ve passed or failed
This long diploma

This will decide
If I will have a future
At a good college

Bachelorette also IB
Should be illegal

T’was a long journey
Now we are finally done

The author's comments:

I wrote this short piece to illustrate the difficulties of doing IB. 

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