A Nation Obsessed

February 15, 2018
By C.H.Ild GOLD, Lapeer, Michigan
C.H.Ild GOLD, Lapeer, Michigan
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Take a look around
You and tell me what you see.
Do you see freedom?
The American
Dream? Do you see happiness?
It’s all a big lie.


Take another look.
Get closer, look deeper, and
See reality.


I look around and
See chaos, I see war, I
See meaningless death.


Please tell me, why is
Our nation so obsessed
With death and decay?


Can you answer that?
Do you have a reason for
The senseless killing?


An explanation
For the plague that lives in us?
The plague that destroys?


The motivation
Of a murderer behind
Many school shootings?


You do? Alright then. 

Tell it to the victims. You

Tell them in person. 


Tell that to a kid.
To the children of Sandy
Hook Elementary.


Tell it to the teen
From Parkland Florida who


Explain to the mom
Who weeps because her child
Will never come home.


Or to the dad who
Drinks to numb himself and to
Forget what happened.


Tell the teacher who
Gave their life to protect the
Students in their class.


Tell it to the kid
Who watched their friend become a
Cold-blooded killer.


Still think you have a
Reason? That’s what I thought. Next
Time, keep your mouth shut.


My heart aches at the
Thought of children and adults
Brutally murdered


My thoughts go out to
Those who suffer from mindless
Killings. I’m sorry.

The author's comments:

Dedicated to the victims of Parkland Florida. 

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