Naruto Uzumaki

February 15, 2018
By Belennyuchiha BRONZE, Wilmington, California
Belennyuchiha BRONZE, Wilmington, California
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A yellow haired boy
A nine tailed fox inside him
Loves to eat ramen

No parents but loved
Hokage from the Hidden Leaf
He never gives up

Kind, friendly, and strong
He thinks of his friends a lot
Never leaves his friends

Wants peace with others
He is a real prankster kid
Can summon a toad

He Likes Sakura
Falls in love with Hinata
Imanse chakra

He wants attention
He does care for sasuke
Amazing and loved

People acknowledged 
Is a hero of the leaf
He has nice blue eyes

He has short whiskers
A konoha shinobi
Has a rasengan

The author's comments:

The thing that inspired me to write this was the love I have for anime. It might sound weird but I really just love anime, so I chose to write about it. 

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