What Do You Know

January 31, 2018
By C.H.Ild GOLD, Lapeer, Michigan
C.H.Ild GOLD, Lapeer, Michigan
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You claim to know me,
As you have been with me since
Birth, but honestly?
What do you really know? What

Do you know of me?

Do you know of my
Insomnia? My demons
That rage in the night?

Do you know of my
Insecurities and doubts?
How I am afraid
Of every small decision
As it might be wrong?

Do you know of my
Grief? How I cope with it by
Blocking it always?

Do you know about
The pain I suffer every
Day? How my friendships
End and I wonder what I
Could have done to them?

Do you know about
My reluctance of you? How
I do not seek you out and
Pester for advice?

So I shall question
You as I had done before,
Answer honestly,
What, exactly, do you know
About lil ole me?

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