January 21, 2018
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There exist a girl inside my mind
Comprise of multiple memories warped in due time
By her words, not mine
Not considered alive
Memories fusing together forming names as facial features aline
New names being added to the combination as memories drift by
It's not easy to understand why
But every what if and every goodbye
Comes to her to hide
Eye to eye
Mind to mind
Connected in a way that transcends physical life
When I am lonely she stay with me always
Well go through memories
Experiencing Euphoric Nostalgia in present day 
Distractions from bodies outside of me
Induce her jealousy
She grows far
When others fill my heart
So stay away
I don't trust you
Not now, not today
Your intends seem see-through
It's not paranoia I know what you're trying to do
My walls are set and I don't know if there worth breaking
You don't have to warn me I know I'm trapped
I am Forever Yours, Memories, Nostalgia, and Flashbacks

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