Refrigerator Hiku

November 15, 2017
By Opull SILVER, El Cerrito, California
Opull SILVER, El Cerrito, California
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i fell for you - bad
but you are still my good friend

i tried to tell you
you understood but you
did not like me back

don't think i didn't see
every time you jerked away
i get it - but still...

dancing with you made
me so happy yet i saw
you looking away

i wished it was cuz
you liked me and couldn't say it
but i knew the truth

why didn't you like me?
i don't want to force you to
yet it rips at me

if you do like me
just tell and i'll like you too
but you don't so we

talk like friends and act
like friends but we both know that
i'm one way crushing

i've tried to stop it
stop flirting and hinting and
(you don't want to know)

i've brushed off the rain
yet it's still trickling down
no umbrellas in sight

believe me that you
are my friend and no more but
the thoughts still linger

we talk as friends but
i wish you could see me blush

-- Me

i really love you
and if you like me back
then please tell me so

But if you still don't
Just ignore the flirting
I just can't stop it


It's all ok now
You're my friend and nothing more
Nothing less either

We chill at your house
While my heart stays in its place
We beat our high-score

High school is torture
I hope you survive it too

The author's comments:

Refrigerator is exactly five syllables long

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