Ramblings of a Half-Grown New Yorker

June 22, 2017
By finnius.mueller BRONZE, New York, New York
finnius.mueller BRONZE, New York, New York
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Tap tap goes my game
Cover me, pew pew, great shot
Victory is sweet

Magic the Gathering:
Shuffle your cards first
Now, don’t cheat, I’m warning you
Must retain my health

Manhattan Zoo Clock Tower:
Tick tock goes the clock
Animals every hour
Never lose track of time

Airplane Flight:
Final boarding call
Flight is ready for takeoff
Goodbye, Big Apple

My Home State:
Sweet Maine, my birthplace
So many memories here
I love to go back

My place of learning
Many hours have been spent here
Goodbye middle school

Chicken Teriyaki:
My most desired
I love you more than all food
You are delicious


My dog:
Buksi, sweet blind dog
You are the cutest puppy
You are loved by all

My cats, Wyatt, and Lily:
Insane cat, old cat
So dangerous, yet so cute
Please retract your claws

The author's comments:

I wrote these collections of haikus since poetry has always spoke to me and I'd like readers of my collection of haikus to discover a piece of my life in NYC.

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