a renaissance man

March 29, 2017
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What a shame they say

What promise, what potential

Somehow thrown away


i picked up a brush instead of a stem

a bunch of stats for a paper and pen


For what they all ask

What can you gain from a dream

A child's fantasy


i want to live a life without regret

behind a desk that's how it would be spent


No future in that

What about a family

No money for that


what if i don't want that- would that be wrong

if a big house and kids aren't what i long


You'll think differently

Nevertheless how will you

Live in a stem world


while my path is not the most obvious

it is not a penniless death sentence


be rest assured i'll find my way somehow

expression ever needed- look around


Why not use your strengths

Not everyone is good at

Things S-T-E-M


not saying i won't- there'll be times i can

no shame in being a renaissance man

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