Trash Haikus

February 2, 2017
By Max86733 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Max86733 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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My dog is hairy
He barks at random squirrels
He won't let me rest


This girl on my bus
Is in a relationship
Yet she ain't loyal


My dog keeps barking
Causing me to have dark eyes
Just like a panda


My mixtape is lit
It can start forest fires
Get it on SoundCloud


Do you like smash mouth
Their greatest song is All-Star
Yeah the one from Shrek


My beard game is whack
Some people wish they grew beards
Some wish they didn't


I'm writing haikus
I should be getting some rest
Sleep is for the weak


There’s this idiot
Who's trying to mess me up
His name starts with C


Some don't like my views
Some are offended by me
They be hatin’ on me


I spit hot fire
Sorta like a dragon would
Just call me Reptar


My album is great
Shame it won't drop anytime soon
Cause it don't exist


I speak from my mind
I say what needs to be said
They too sensitive


It's almost midnight
I should seriously sleep
Nah I'm A-ok


Some friends aren't loyal
Looks are really deceiving
They can betray you


These haikus are trash
They are such disappointments
They are just like me

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