November 7, 2016

The summer winds blow
Rustling through the vibrant trees
Cooling the day’s heat

Summer’s breath grows cool
And bitter, chilling to the touch
The leaves start to drop

As Autumn comes the
Leaves on trees begin to burn
To stave off the cold

Winter’s shocking freeze
Murders the warm summer wind
Setting in gelid times

Winters icy grasp
strangles life out of the world
but beauty remains

A blanket of snow
Glimmers like a diamond’s glare
As the sun rises

Burning light melts cold
Cauterizing nature’s deep wounds
Banishing winter

Snow turns to water
Flowing into the earth's roots
Making new blossoms

Summer’s breeze returns
It’s hibernation completed
Fueling rebirth

Leaves spring back to life
Spring's revival brings color and
Life shines once again

The summer wind roars
The season's cycles refresh
and frost comes again.

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