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My Haiku Attempts

By , Ann Arbor, MI

Starlit bird, fly high.

The moon, planets, and beyond,

Go into the Night.


Black squirrel, chitter

Scamper, fleetingly, across

The red maple branch.


Unseen eyes, they glare,

The walls have terrible hands

That grasp, claw, and tear.


I see the moon, bright,

Stars are her celestial path,

She smiles; I smile back.


Barking dog, must you

Annoy me, in many ways.

I will beat you, stop.

-My Dad, Camping 2016


I love to bark, lots,

I greet every stranger, see?

Dad does not like it.

-My Dog, Camping 2016


No need for toothpaste,

I got the cheese, did I not?

So what I forgot?

-My Parents' Friend, Camping 2016


Little pup, quiet,

Play in the grass and flowers,

Quieter than mine.

-My Parents' Friends' Dog, Camping 2016

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