He Met Her in Hell

March 13, 2014
A dead zone, quiet
The noisiest kids pass by
Revolt and riot

He is not lying
She walked up to him, shyly
and now he’s crying

She said she’d never
ever leave his side, and now
his heart is severed

He gave her all of
everything he thought of
His return was love

At least he thought it
Was it true love, if it was
then why did she quit

His mind is going
thoughts are slowing down, never
ever is he found

he wants to scream but
no sound can be made, only fade
open his mouth shut

She’s not the devil
Not evil, only human
in the second level

She stole his heart, killer
made him want to die and yet
he still defends her

Story of angel
meet demon, fall in love, and
leave him fallen strange

Guardian of the
damned, love her till his life fades
knowing he was scammed

Day comes, ring the bell
the angel falls, his wings black
He met her in hell

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