Haiku's (Guessing Game)

April 18, 2013
By Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
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It is time to play
"Guess just what that strange thing is"
Before the ending

They like attachment
But sometimes get too clingy
And like liquid warmth

They suck all life out
And like to eat you all up
You never even notice

They can make you sick
In some extreme cases die
With their biting curse

They do love the dark
And are so very sneaky
They all need humans

No need for pizza
They like other kinds of sauce
And don't drink soda

They like to drink blood
But they are not vampires
They like some hound dogs

Have you got it yet?
Then go back a few more times
Don't skip to the end

They are not werewolves
Nor are they chupacabras
They are hungry ticks!

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