Remember I Won't

March 15, 2013
I glance my left
To where I thought he would sit
I'm all alone now

We met freshman year
We had the same schedule
We were friends, best friends

We would hang out
And text every evening
I fell for him hard

A great year it was-
Tenth and Eleventh as well
Classes still the same

But now we're Seniors
And it's like I don't exist
Well to him at least

As I sit in math-
The seat to the left of me,
Is empty, it is

Remember I won't-
His preference to my left
When the choice was ours

Remember I won't-
Math is the sole class we share
Yet he sits away

Remember I won't-
The heartbreak I feel from being here
The heartbreak from him

Remember I won't-
That he's moved on, replaced me
That he has her now

Her, the cheerleader
With the fake plastered on smile
Her, who guys all love

Remember I won't-
His unsure lips kissing mine,
While I’m in bliss

Remember I won't-
The lingering smell of him-
The dazed look in his eyes

Remember I won't-
That I shook my head and ran
With that dreamy feeling

Remember I won't-
He thought the run away meant no
And now I'm all alone

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