His Floods of Fire This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

March 11, 2013
Life as they know it
Safe, secure, pleasurable
Never seen again

People wake to view
Their world crumbling around them
The last that they see

Their lives are ending
To ne'er know another dawn
Gone before sunset

The ground, is dancing
The great mountain, is rumbling
The people, they scream

Men, women, children
Feeling the wrath of their god
His displeasure known

His maw opening
Spewing out His red acid
Releasing His flood

Red, blistering heat
The rain burning as it falls
Its tongues licking death

The earth opening
Releasing its great pressure
Covering the world

Bringing ash that chokes
The grey dust blinding their eyes
Blanketing them all

The fiery floods
No ark will come to save them
His land is left clean

In stone tombs they rest
Forever running away
Fleeing from Pompeii

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