various haikus

June 14, 2012
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the smell of campfire
my eyes burn from the hot smoke
this bothers me not

steamy and moist air
leaving me apathetic
a dangerous sense

gentle and benign
he wouldn’t cripple a fly
even a worthy fly

the warning bell sound
announcing the war to come
and now it is here

controlled by fear
overpowering worry
clearly not for me

it is time to burn
your house will fall down in ash
go fetch your water

if you kill a man
be certain you conceal him
or you will be next

venture to see more
not solely a silhouette
the unabridged man

you will be shocked
with an electric current
like you won’t believe

live with no worries
this is what the world is for
stay calm go dancing

venture to spark joy
be a catalyst for life
live for tomorrow

live in stilettos
they won’t let you run from life
and keep your head high

don’t always need proof
find reassurance in faith
confidence is strong

when you are trapped
be sure not to panic yourself
or you will be dead

don’t just stand waiting
and especially don’t sit
go out and do it

failure comes in can’t
it won’t hurt you to say yes
don’t be so foolish

if you face forward
all you have to do is walk
you will reach you dreams

don’t listen to them
the sky is not the limit
you can go further

you can go so high
there are foot prints on the moon
how about the sun

enjoy no worries
there is nothing you can’t fix
with a bit of tape

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