June 9, 2012
By omniya134 GOLD, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Other
omniya134 GOLD, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.
(H. Jackson Brown Jr.)
"Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."

I hear knocking at my door
I'm here to teach you the life's core
I opened my door I didn't see a thing
It's just the wind flying with slight ding
I closed my door I laid at the chair
There's something strange, something new but I'm not aware
I continued my life normally
I ignored every sound I didn't want my life to end badly
One day I looked from my window to see blue eyes
Darkness with strong words, it's like he came to theorize
I escaped because the darkness is scary
I didn't want to know what he wants or what he carries
Eventually I surrendered
But I still find this thing absurd
The darkness is bad the light is good
That's what I know since my childhood
Now something claim that he's the darkness
I'm sympathetic, I'm not mad what the people say is madness
I looked again I saw endless extent
Terrifying darkness with unknown intent
All I know that this thing wants to change my thoughts
He wants to erase my book erase all the notes
But I can't be child again
I can't erase the things in my brain
I'm very fearful
But he says please be cheerful
I escaped to find someone to help me
This thing following me and I don't know what it could be
This blue eyes nothing but evil
When I knew him my life became awful
So how could it be good if he made my life up side down?
He's seducing me to be attracted to the dark
But I can see the evil through the in-betweens sparks
He's asking me to come and see the other side
It's much funnier, and there are no any secrets to hide
Day after day I decided to make a plan
I start to search prepare and scan
One day I waited for one other chat
The time came and I welcomed the darkness in my flat
Well, well, well the young girl finally found the common sense
Don't be worried don't be tense
I'm sitting listening to his bragging
Do you ever think that you could drag me by your nagging?
You're pretending to be good the opposite of every man beliefs
Maybe you defeated others but now you're one of the life thieves
The darkness which you are
You're no good and you have a little scar
Every strong man could see it
Now go on boy and show me your beautiful flit
Because your little secret isn't a secret anymore
You're here to start a war
But thank god your game exposed
God knows what you would've done but now the curtains has closed
But you know I'm sorry for spoiling your show
Now I won it's time to crow
You start it rough with the manipulation of my mind
But thank god we still at the rind
You couldn't go deeper
You little souls keeper
The darkness everything about wickedness
Oh please you're everything about viciousness
At the first I was naive
I deceived, you told me for once I'll stop giving and start to receive
But now I'm not naive
Now I'm totally perceived
The light which I'm going to stick to it
Whatever happens I'll never quit
Because everything better than the hell
Whatever happened here's my home and I'm going to stand still

The author's comments:
The author's comments:

darkness to me is my fear, my thoughts my secrets that I've been hiding and that one day it has to confront me, so the darkness is my deepest fears my forbidden zone and I've never had the courage to admit that I have them but through this poem I've had the strength to make me more powerful and more confident

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