May 22, 2012
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I clean to clean my soul-
I hide my pain behind that perfect role
Maybe this way I'll find a salvation
Maybe by working it'll cause my pain a cessation
Maybe water will erase that damnation
I hide behind being clean
I always get away from everything obscene
This is why I worry about hygiene
Every time I intend to change
But life won't give up without an exchange
Every time I try to pull myself together
But when my winds slow down, life faces me with a stormy weather
And just when I'm about to surrender
Life suddenly becomes a generous lender
It lends me a helping hand
And then I have to do everything it demands
Everything prepared and planned
Everyday life detract something from my soul
I think I'm the life's main goal
When I hide in my den
Life faces me with my sins
I can't hide anymore
It's between me and life, it's my life's biggest war
So this is the end of me being afraid
It's my choice to let every illusion to fade
It's the end of in order to get something I have to trade
It's the end of letting life invading my mind; I'm the one who's going to invade
I'm not going to escape from life, it's the life that's going to evade
Enough wrecking my life, it's time for an upgrade
The era of repression has come to its end; it's time for life to face my blockade
Yes, you should be cautious
No hiding anymore, it's the end of everything nauseous
Be prepared for my wrath
Yes finally I'm taking my own path

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