Seasons of Change

March 1, 2012
By Josey14 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
Josey14 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
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Bright, sunny mornings
hot and humid afternoons
cool and starry nights.

Lighting up the sky
is a beautiful rainbow
after summer rain.

Summer days are here,
with the hot sun shining down
warming up the Earth.

Beaches are crowded
pools are flooded with children,
escaping the heat.

Falling from the trees,
are the color changing leaves.
Fall has come our way.

A cool, crisp breeze blows
on the first day of Autumn.
It is here to stay.

It is a cold day.
And snowflakes fall from the sky,
covering the ground.

The snow is falling,
making the air much colder,
for kids to go play.

Flowers back to life,
the birds are singing there song.
Happy spring is here.

Sitting in a nest,
fluffy, little baby birds
chirping for there mom.

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