Riddles of Winter

January 17, 2012
By NethNix SILVER, Manassas, Virginia
NethNix SILVER, Manassas, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"When friends die, that isn't the time to morn. Maybe when your dog or hamster kicked the bucket, sure: but friends? If anyone who was important to you looses their life, you fight as hard as you can to make sure their dreams all come true." ~Sam

I think now of times,
that I had once lost in rhymes, Why are things all so?

Forever in life,
I still do not understand,
words 'apart' and 'heart'

Subtle syllables,
I live now always in fear,
Of the coming day

Where once stood a friend,
now watch as the hawk he takes,
me far far away

From you from me from,
all reality this hawk,
He's squawked his last squawk

No it shall not be
The day your taken away
Day's of winter's end

Know you were always
My one solitary friend
Not the stories end

Things I can not know
Remmenents of fallen snow
The angles we were

Tell me why does friend
Rhyme so wonderfully with end?
All the signs unseen

I won't let it be,
Before the winter grabs me,
I will write these words

They are for your ears,
My one solitary friend,
Don't let it change us

Fall will knock you down,
Summer will bring out your worst But spring will come soon

Don't fret worry not,
I promise that one day soon,
You won't cry again

We will be happy,
The hawk never seen again,
Ceases to haunt dreams

Live in memory,
Not all it's cracked up to be,
Soon we'll fly again

So stay by my side,
Through all the cold winter nights,
Soon we'll sleep again

One rhyme I do like,
Far at the end of our plight,
There IS a bright light

Don't be afraid dark,
All that can tear us apart
Scars that test our heart

(additional information if you want a laugh)
me: You rushed me
it's probably not perfect
Emily: That was impressive,
you must be a true artist,
to write all thaat well
me: Thank you very much
i take prie in all my work
So sweet your words are

Sent at 6:54 PM on Tuesday
me: ...
(Can we please stop this haiku thing?)

The author's comments:
I liked the way this turned out, though I doubt all the syllables are perfect. Please, don't judge, just enjoy :D

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